Listen: Likes and Dislikes at the State Fair

MER’s Connie Goldman asks a variety of 1972 fair attendees about their likes and dislikes. People watching is, of course, a recurring theme.


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SPEAKER: So our feet--

[LAUGHS] And an aching back. [LAUGHS]

SPEAKER: All the food, they hit a bad restaurant one day.

SPEAKER: The price is up.

SPEAKER: It's the same here. It's the same here. Prices are all up.

SPEAKER: There's a lot of litter.

SPEAKER: The only irritation I have is that my feet hurt. Otherwise, I've had a lot of fun. I don't have any money left.

SPEAKER: The rides are too high.

SPEAKER: Mostly with myself because I ate too much. [LAUGHS] And I have a big tummy ache. But aside from that, we've had a marvelous time.

SPEAKER: But for most, the complaints were minor, and the pleasures were many.

SPEAKER: I like to eat. That's my favorite thing to do. So yeah, that's about the only reason why I come out here too. And to look at the people. The people are interesting too.

SPEAKER: I think I enjoyed the Women's Building the most.

SPEAKER: Yes, I'll agree, The Women's Building. We enjoyed all the handiwork.

SPEAKER: Could you tell me what you like about the State Fair the best?

SPEAKER: Watching the people, I guess. It's the biggest attraction.

SPEAKER: I like the Mexican shop.

SPEAKER: Oh, I think I like the-- house and home department's appliances, this sort of thing. That's what I'm basically interested in, real estate.

SPEAKER: Can you tell me what you like best about the State Fair?

SPEAKER: Well, I think the Midway.

SPEAKER: Well, I like to go on the rides. And I like to go to the [INAUDIBLE]. And I like to see all the dogs.

SPEAKER: Well, hey, the Machinery Hill mostly.

SPEAKER: Almost everything. I guess I like the grandstand tonight the best.

SPEAKER: The horses.

SPEAKER: Same here, except there's no Arabian or quarter horses. They're all Belgiums and draft horses, which I don't like.

SPEAKER: What do you like best about the State Fair?


SPEAKER: Same here.


SPEAKER: Same here.

SPEAKER: What do you like best about the Fair? Just sitting around in the park with boys. [LAUGHS]


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