Listen: Clyde Bellecourt shooting

MPR’s Kevin McKiernan reports on the condition and fall out from shooting of AIM leader Clyde Bellecourt.


(00:00:00) At this hour the so-called Indian grand jury convened, August 29th by the American Indian movement in Winner South Dakota continues to meet the Indian grand jury was convened by aim to investigate the causes of one of the movement leaders shooting last Monday. shooting of Clyde bellacourt Bella Court remains in serious condition in the Baptist Hospital in Winter surrounded by a heavy aim security force and although Carter Camp newly-elected aim National chairman is being held here in Rapid City on $25,000 Bond and connection with that shooting. Neither Clyde bellecourt nor aim leaders has issued a statement resolving or clarifying the events around that assault. Bellacourt's condition is much improved but he still remains serious Hospital reports indicate. He may have incurred permanent damage to his pancreas as a result of the abdominal gunshot wound. For purposes of Security will be transferred to a Minneapolis Hospital either tomorrow or Wednesday by that time aim is expected to issue a full report detailing the circumstances surrounding his near fatal Attack One Week Ago also expected in the near future as a policy statement delineating a new National direction for the American Indian movement. What is clear at this time? Is that the American Indian movement is suffered quite a shock from the attempt on bellacourt's life quite a shock from the recent decision of the Pine Ridge Tribal Council to ban all aim lawyers aim sympathizers and members from the Wounded Knee District on the reservation and quite a shock as well from the arrest Thursday night of Vernon bellacourt and Russell mean at this time Russell Means is out on bond. From the charges stemming from the Custer confrontation in February Vernon bellacourt. The brother of Clyde is on a spiritual fast a hunger strike in the Custer County Jail arrest continue to be made on Indian people connected with that confrontation, February 6. Meanwhile Russell Means has been subpoenaed to appear as a witness at a preliminary hearing for Carter camp set for Tuesday tomorrow. Means is reputed to have been in the vicinity of that attack on Clyde bellecourt on the basis of the hearing tomorrow. The government may decide whether or not to formally charged Carter camp in connection with that shooting camps. Younger brother. Craig was arrested Saturday night in Oklahoma. He's being held in the Oklahoma City Jail at this time. He and Leroy posadas were being sought by federal authorities for questioning in connection with the bellacourt shooting. Is this Kevin mckernan in Rapid City, South Dakota?


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